Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Health Tips for Post Coronavirus Recovery Phase

As time is passing by, a lot of us have been exposed to coronavirus and luckily have recovered too. But this recovery has not been smooth for all. For many it has been a long journey back to New normal. Keeping this in mind following are a few tips to recover well and early once you have become negative.

              Health Tips for Post Coronavirus Recovery Phase

1. Eat light and eat well. This is most important as many have low energy levels and still fragile digestive system. So avoid non-vegetarian and deep fried items. Stick to basic meals prepared in low oil. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. Avoid high protein diet. Diet should be carbohydrate rich.

2. Don't be in a hurry to resume work. Your body is most important thing. Give it adequate time to recuperate.

3. Continue multivitamin s as per your doctors advise.

4. Do mild breathing exercises. Pranayam is especially helpful.

5. Do regular meditation and de-stress yourself. Enjoy whatever you like be it music or anything else.

6. Be on the look out of anything out of normal. In case of any symptoms or issues consult your doctor.

7. Fatigue and weakness may persist. Focus on taking lots of fluids. Fruit juices, coconut juice, soups etc are helpful.

8. If breathlessness persist consult your doctor.

9. Once a month has passed get vaccination done for other diseases as any other infection after covid can cause havoc on body.

10. Stay positive and follow a disciplined sleep and meal routine.


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